Sandi Schmude Real Estate Secrets to Buying a Home

What is it that real estate agents know that many homebuyers don't?


Many buyers think they can buy any home by simply contacting the listing agent. While this is true, they may fail to realize what they could be sacrificing by choose the listing agent to complete the transaction. Here are some essentials to home buying in Kansas City Missouri.

  • As your dedicated Buyers Agent - I work only for you!

Unlike a listing agent that has the sole job of selling that particular house, my job is to find you the RIGHT house. I can sell you anyhome in the Kansas City area even if I'm not listing it personally. I want to find you the right home for your needs, your budget and your lifestyle and that may not be any home I am currently listing.

As your buyers agent I will make sure your finances are in line and set up for a quick offer when we find the right house. I will match you to the home that meets your needs as far as size, layout, location and amenities. I can show you any home currently for sale and help you write up a solid offer that sellers can't help but seriously consider.

  • Know what your limitations are.

It may be fun to look at homes but you must also be realistic. While many homes are far below market value you must consider how much work you really want to put into a home, if you can afford the mortgage including taxes and insurance and any maintenance you may incur while living in the home. I will discuss resale options with you, how long you plan to live in the home and help you answer any questions about buying you may have so that you can make an informed decision on your Kansas City Missouri Real Estate

  • If this is your first time buying a home, there may be more details than you realize.

While buying a home is exciting it can also be confusing and sometimes frustrating. I am here to make sure that the process is as smooth as can be but you may encounter some issues you didn't plan for. Remember, escrow and lending will need many details from you and if you have a common name, they may require more specifics. Don't get frustrated just remember that buying property is one of the largest investments you may ever make and you need to be sure all your bases are covered. If there is ever something you don't understand, please let me know. Even if you feel it's silly, I have heard it all and will do my best to answer any question that may arise.